We’re all spending more time at home than we ever thought possible. It’s not easy, but it’s keeping everyone safe. Many people are working from home. Students are attending classes online. And almost all of us are binge-watching shows like Tiger King in our extra downtime. It’s putting our home systems to the test, as better WiFi and more power is needed to meet the demand. But whether you’re working remotely, or just working the remote, now is a great opportunity to make some changes to address your extra work and entertainment needs during this unprecedented time — and also possibly save some money by doing so. 

Upgrade Your Internet

If you’re now working full-time from home, then you understand that a good internet connection is essential to getting things done. Likewise, if you have kids that are being home-schooled, they’re also relying on dependable internet service. Along with work and school needs, there are even more demands with social media and entertainment. From video-conferencing with family and friends on Zoom, to streaming movies on Netflix, our daily lives under quarantine require a large amount of bandwidth. Now is a good time to contact your internet provider to upgrade your service. You may be able to negotiate a better deal by adding options, or you may even be able to find more savings by switching to a different provider.

Get More TV + Internet

Review Your Television and Streaming Services

The need for social distancing has temporarily closed movie theaters, concert venues, and comedy clubs, among numerous other places we frequent for a fun night out. As a result, home entertainment has perhaps never been more essential. Take this time to assess what your home needs are and tailor your subscription services accordingly. Maybe you don’t need all three Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video. If you subscribe to cable or satellite television and you’re paying for premium channels that you rarely watch, see if you can cancel them. You may also be able to save money by bundling your television and internet services.

Save $840 on TV

Save on Power

The cost of powering all your devices — both for work and fun — in addition to the high cost of running air conditioning and other appliances, could very well cause your electric bill to skyrocket. It’s best to plan ahead and see what you can do to conserve energy. You could invest in energy-efficient appliances or switch to LED light bulbs if you haven’t already. If you’re a homeowner, now could also be a good time to look into alternatives like solar power, which depending on your usage and where you live, could offer savings and other financial incentives.

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