Staying Afloat: The Essential Guide to Pool Maintenance

Proper pool maintenance is a must if you do not want to drop hundreds of savings a year. Pool maintenance is not very hard to do with the right information and proper materials. 

In this guide, we outline a few simple steps that should be part of your routine.

Three C’s of Pool Care: Circulation, Cleaning, and Chemistry 


  • Run pool pump 8-12 hours per day
  • Backwash or clean filter if pressure is above 10-15 psi
  • Clean the skimmer & pump basket
  • Keep jets facing circular and downward

Several parts make up the circulatory system. The skimmer, the pump, the filter, and the jets. All parts are connected, so if one or another isn’t working, your water quality will suffer.


  • Brush walls, steps, ladders, low circulation spots daily
  • Skim the surface daily
  • Vacuum once a week or use an automatic cleaner

All of these steps are manual and are vital to the everyday pool routine to keep the quality of your pool afloat. You could look into a robotic pool cleaner that will do all of this manual work for you.


  • Test water 1-2 times per week
  • Balance pH and alkalinity
  • Maintain sanitizer levels
  • Shock bi-weekly

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When your water is properly balanced, you’re less likely to struggle with issues like cloudy water, green water, or the buildup of harmful bacteria. It’s best to look into getting a pool maintenance tool kit, which will have all the proper materials you need to ensure the chemistry within your water is balanced and safe.

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