Light Your Skies: Outdoor Lighting Tips

People are spending more time at home now, more than ever before. It only makes sense that people are beginning to see the endless opportunities to begin home projects so that staying at home doesn’t feel like an order, but more like a vacation away from home. One such project that people have turned to is that of the outdoor space. 

Outdoor spaces often times get overlooked after the sun goes down, providing nothing but darkness and wonder for an innocent onlooker. This summer, as we begin to branch out to our friend groups and host more outdoor gatherings, turn your garden into a scenic wonder for your friends and family to enjoy. While your garden may make the most of the natural sunlight during the day, come nightfall, the overwhelming darkness can provide difficulties for your guests to navigate their way around your home. One of the best ways to provide a luxury aesthetic for company is through outdoor lighting. 

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One of the most effective ways to illuminate your outdoor space is through the three tiers of lighting. The highest level of lighting is the recommended place to start and can be approached with lanterns or even chandeliers. The next level of lighting will be slightly lower, where sconces can highlight plants, sculptures, or trees. Arguably, the most important of the tiers is the low-level illumination. The lowest level of lighting will illuminate walkways, seating, and steps. 

Utilizing these three levels will not only play with the eye but highlight the varying textures that live in your outdoor environment. One of the key elements to remember when designing your space is that less is more- and less expensive. People tend to forget when they shop for outdoor lighting, that the goal is to achieve lighting that isn’t obviously coming from light fixtures, but coming from the moon instead. Less light fixtures and the utilization of warmer tones will allow you and your guests to appreciate the natural elements and welcome the nighttime sky. 

Every time you look out into your outdoor space, you will not be met with a dark pit of emptiness, but a fairytale oasis that you can take pride in. 

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