A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Roses

The rose is a beautiful, delicate flower that many want to grow for their own enjoyment. Unfortunately, roses have gained the reputation of being difficult to grow and care for correctly. However, by the time you finish reading this guide, you will know everything you need to know about caring for these delicate flowers. 

Location is everything
It may not come as a surprise that when cultivating roses, location plays such an important role. The first step of our journey is to make sure that this specific type of flower will do well in the area you live in. You easily find out by visiting a local botanical garden and seeing what grows there. Once you can confirm that your home is located amongst favorable elements, you can finally begin! 

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Bare-root roses are favorable to potted roses 
Bare-root roses tend to have more vigorous growth because they have more root mass than those of potted roses. However, do not plant a bare-root rose once Spring has begun to warm because you want to make sure they retain some moisture before growing and forming new roots. There is a small window of several weeks in the springtime for when you can ideally plant roses. 

The best time to plant roses is in the spring and fall seasons
Spring is a good time to plant roses because the weather allows root production as well as stem growth. Container-grown and potted roses can be planted throughout the growing season. 

Frost will completely disrupt your roses’ cultivation process. Summertime can also provide some hiccups, but with special care, your roses may be fine. Some experts even recommend planting roses in the fall because their root system will have time to develop without the pressure of supporting new growth until spring. What generally occurs is the rose will flourish by the time spring approaches. 

Buy your roses from someone who also grows roses
While you can buy from a specialist rose nursery, it is important to buy your roses from someone who understands what you are about to go through. That way, they can anticipate your questions and make the appropriate recommendations based on their personal experience. Now, it is possible to successfully grow roses if you buy them from your local hardware store or nursery. However, if you do this, look out for roses with firm, sturdy canes and luscious, green foliage. 

It is possible to grow your roses in the shade, but it is not recommended
There are some roses that grow in partially shaded areas. That being said, the rose’s signature scent and its bloom production will most likely be stunted as a result of less sunlight. If you do not know if your rose would do well in the shade, look out for the petals. As a general rule, roses with fewer petals do better in the shade than roses with more petals. 

Roses have been well-regarded for their beauty and signature fragrance. However, no rose can compare to the one that you cared for yourself.


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