Establishing A Space Where You Can Work From Home

Remember just a few months ago when you were daydreaming about skipping your tiresome commute and working from home? Back then, it may have seemed like a luxury reserved for just a few companies. But now with “safer-at-home” guidelines, many companies are suggesting — even requiring — that their employees work from home. This standard is widely spreading, making working remotely from our home offices the new norm.

But are we being as productive as we could be? It’s up to you — according to research, the productivity of office workers is at its best when they have control over their physical environment.

With this in mind, we’ve got some tips on how you can create a zen workspace at your home to help you stay as productive as possible.

You may not have needed it before, but when you’re working from home, a reliable, high-speed internet connection is more critical than ever. If you don’t have sufficient bandwidth or you frequently lose your connection, it could mean you won’t be able to meet time-sensitive work deadlines. It is also very easy to get distracted when a slow internet connection hampers your workflow.

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The best solution is to completely reassess your internet plan and upgrade it accordingly, since you and your family members are probably now managing multiple streaming and video applications.

Invest in a Second Monitor

Hooking up a second monitor is a great idea that could go a long way toward increasing your productivity. If you don’t like juggling windows and want to make multitasking more approachable, the additional screen space should be at the top of your essential WFH list.

Lighting Is Key

The first rule of creating a zen workplace is to get plenty of natural light, since it has been proven that spending time in natural daylight has great benefits, like improved sleep. Workplaces with natural light tend to experience significant improvement in productivity. So where possible, try to utilize natural light through windows or skylights.

What if your home office is not always illuminated by natural daylight? Consider investing in recessed lighting, as it won’t clutter your desk and also won’t cause glare off your monitor. You can also add pendant lights, table lamp, or wall sconces to create more illumination for your workspace without compromising your productivity.

Control the Temperature

Nothing seems to divide an office more than a fight over the thermostat. Fortunately, in your home office, you get to choose the temperature. Keep in mind that being too hot or too cold is a perfect recipe for distraction, so make sure you stay comfortable temperature-wise. Keeping your body temperature stable will help you remain relaxed and focused. Check up on your HVAC system, and if necessary, get the system fixed or upgraded to meet your new demands of working from home.

The Last Word

Whether you continue to work remotely from your home office, or eventually return to your traditional office, maintaining a productive home workspace will ensure you’re prepared for anything life throws at you.

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