VA Loans Explained

Finding and securing an affordable home loan can be overwhelming, but the government has streamlined the process for the brave individuals who serve or have served the country. More than 20 million military families have benefited from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) mortgage assistance program.    As a thank you to veterans for their…

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Debunking VA Loan Myths

VA home loans are designed to help those who have served the country. While most people are aware of the benefits that VA loans have versus conventional mortgage offers, there is also some misinformation. We’re here to break down and explain VA loans. If you’re a veteran, click here to see what offers may be…

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Understanding VA Refinancing

Refinancing Your Home There are many reasons why you may want to refinance your home, including: lowering your current payments by extending the loan period, refinancing because of a fluctuating adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), or shortening your loan term length to pay it off faster and save on interest. While the aforementioned reasons are good,…

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