Why You Should Bundle Your Home Entertainment

Bundling home services like high-speed Internet, TV, and home (or mobile) phone service can lower your bills up to 25% every month. While bundles offer excellent deals on your services, they also save you time. With a bundle, there’s only one company and bill to keep track of. This is a great way to stay within your budget and save money on your monthly services.

Some companies let you compare and order bundles from all of the nation’s leading brands in one call, making it easy to find the best deal, and the right package for you.

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Here are some of the aspects to consider when re-evaluating your TV, phone and internet services:

What You Want vs. What You Need

If you’re the type of person who wants a variety of options, but doesn’t actually utilize all of them, a large package isn’t the best fit for you. Evaluate what channels you actually need in order to watch your favorite shows, and get rid of the excess. Unless you take advantage of all the channels in a top tier package, there is no need to spend extra money on a package that you won’t ever fully use. 

Additionally, evaluate your internet usage. How many devices do you connect to your home internet? What do you use it for? If you’re a casual internet browser, you may be able to save by lowering your internet package as well. If you use the internet for a home office, gaming, or streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, then stick with a mid-level or higher package. By eliminating the excess, you can save money every month.

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Re-Evaluate Your Extras

If you’re looking for more savings, you may want to consider getting rid of the extra add-ons. Options like DVR and premium channel packages like Starz and HBO are additional expenses in your TV package to re-evaluate in order to save money. You may also want to look at new customer deals. Switching providers could offer options like free DVR upgrades, free premium channels, and much more.  Companies like DISH often offer free premium channels for given amounts of time, depending on the contract. Keep your eyes open for specials that offer free add-ons to your package to get the most for your money.  


The first step to negotiating a lower bill or a great bundle price is to do your research. Have your current bill in front of you when you make your calls to competing companies. Call several providers (including your current one), and see what each one has to offer. Compare pricing and features before choosing someone. Be aware of contract length and make sure the terms fit to your preferences. Don’t settle for something you may be unhappy with in the future.

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