When To Replace Your Home’s Windows

Old single-pane or casement windows could be driving up your summertime cooling costs and wintertime heating bills. Not only are old windows inefficient, but they also let drafts and moisture into your house. This causes climate control and comfort issues. We’ve all been there, and we want to help make things easier for you. A window replacement project could eliminate those problems, lower your heating and cooling costs, and possibly improve the value of your home. It’s important to know when to replace your old windows and how the replacement process works.

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5 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Windows:

  1. They’re visibly damaged – This is the most obvious sign. Over time, windows can warp, crack, and lose their ability to provide the insulation you need. Weather stripping can break down, wood can rot, and frames can lose their shape. If you’ve already noticed the signs, your home may not be adequately protected. It’s time to replace.
  2. Your heating bills have increased – On hot and cold days, old windows allow air from outside to seep in, negatively impacting your indoor air temperature and forcing your central heating unit to work overtime. The efficiency of double- or triple-pane glass and insulated frames will lower your cooling and heating bill. A single pane of older glass is not enough to stop the extreme heat. However, new windows provide a suitable solution, and the money you save on electricity allows the windows to pay for themselves after about 10 years.
  3. You’re performing a home renovation – No home renovation is complete without new windows. Windows serve as visual focal points for people admiring your home, and a new set of high-quality windows can instantly take your facade from drab to fab (if you’ll excuse the Fashion Week cliché).
  4. You can’t remember the last time your windows were replaced – Good windows can last 25 years or longer, but it all depends on the quality of the materials and installation. If you know that your windows are more than a couple of decades old, you should at least give them a closer inspection and consider how well they’re holding up.
  5. You’re ready for a change – Sometimes you don’t need an excuse. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to some attractive, energy-efficient windows, and that’s perfectly okay!

The Benefits of Purchasing New Windows:


Technology such as low-e windows can help to make your home more comfortable. In the summertime, the low-e windows reduce the amount of heat that penetrates through the glass. As much as 95 percent of the heat is reflected back into the environment. Therefore, your air conditioner won’t run as much or use as much electricity. The argon gas and two or three panes of glass also eliminate drafts. In the wintertime, your house will feel cozier because the heat won’t be escaping through old windows. If your windows get moisture droplets or are hot to the touch in the summertime, it’s time to replace them.


Replacement windows come in many styles. If you have an older Victorian home, there are windows that will look like originals but function more efficiently. Furthermore, windows are available with different frame styles. You can find everything from double-hung options to windows in specialty shapes that will enhance the appearance of your home, making you the envy of all your nosy neighbors. Now that you know all about the benefits of window replacement, take some time to consider replacing your windows.   

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