Now that the weather has gotten warmer, and restrictions on activities have been eased in many areas, you may be spending more time away from home than you have in the past several months. Meanwhile, if you have a business, your operations probably still aren’t completely normal. Both of these situations make it a good time to review your security and see where you might be able to improve to help keep your property and your family safe.

At Your Home

Locks are particularly important to physical security, so be sure to keep your doors locked while you’re at home, and remember to lock them, along with your windows, when you leave. Walk around the outside of your home — if possible, both during the day and at night — and check for things that an outsider might notice, such as points of entry that are partially hidden by overgrown landscaping. Consider adding motion-sensitive lighting in areas that are too dark at night.

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At Your Business

As with your home, locks are important to physical security. You may be limited by the terms of your lease, but it’s worth checking into upgrading your business’s exterior and interior locks. Improving your exterior and interior lighting could also be worth it. Surveillance cameras can also be a useful tool, particularly if the video is recorded — if there is a security breach, the video can provide evidence for the insurance company or other parties.

Alarm Systems

Whether at home or at your business, a working alarm system can be another important tool for security. Alarm installations these days are more high-tech than ever, even integrating into smart-home systems. Some can even be controlled from a smartphone, even providing live views from surveillance cameras, which could allow you to keep an eye on things from just about anywhere.

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