How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Conserve Water

Keeping your lawn looking lush and green can be difficult to maintain, and costly to keep up with.  By following these four easy steps, you’ll be helping your grass look its best while still conserving water:

Fertilize Often

With any form of life, growing starts with feeding. Just like other plants, grass needs nutrients to survive. In addition, feeding your lawn also provides the nutrients your lawn needs to withstand the stresses of wear and tear, weather damage, and drought. Regular feedings of fertilizer 24 times per year will keep your lawn fresh and lush. 

Set Your Lawn Mower to the Right Height

Properly mowed grass supports more roots, and therefore experiences more growth. You should have your mower set to one of the highest settings, providing a 34 inch cut. However, a few warm-season grasses in places with humid climates prefer to be mowed lower. Zoysia and Centipedegrass prefer a middle mower setting, while Bermuda thrives at a low setting, proving a 1½2 inch cut.

Leave Your Clippings on the Lawn

When mowing, leave the clippings on the lawn. Grass clippings break down quickly and return beneficial nutrients to the soil, although you shouldn’t mow too often. Removing too much of the grass blade shocks the grass and leaves clipping piles on the lawn that can block sunlight and smother the grass.

Rely on Rain

When Mother Nature provides water through rainfall, take advantage of it. Your lawn will usually indicate when it needs to be watered. Consider watering your lawn only when it begins to turn dull green in color or when the grass begins to wilt. Lawns are amazingly resilient and can tolerate dry conditions for up to two months if left alone. Grass will bounce back when rainfall and cooler temperatures return, especially if it has been well-fed.

By following these tips, you’ll be closer to having the grass on the other side that you’ve always wanted.

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