Home Security Tips

Investing in home security can be a crucial step to ensure you and your family’s comfort and safety.  Here are some pointers that might help you make the most of modern home security.

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Don’t Advertise Your Absence

If you’re thinking about going on vacation, it is best not to make it obvious that no one will be home. Taking steps such as asking your neighbors to collect your mail is a smart move to mask the fact that your house is currently unoccupied. Many homeowners also use timers to make a light come on, so that it doesn’t seem like the house is empty. In general, installing exterior lights is a popular strategy for making your property less of a target.

Use Locks Properly

Many people forget to lock their doors and windows.  Taking extra time to make sure these fixtures are properly closed can go a long way towards discouraging criminals. 

In addition to keeping these entryways secure when you’re not at home, it’s just as important to lock up when you’re around. For instance, you should be in the habit of checking all of your door and window locks before you go to bed. If you like feeling the cool breeze at night, then using locks that only let the windows open a small amount is an effective preventative step. Changing your locks after moving in is also a cautionary step that could further your safety. 

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